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Chapter 2 in the World of University

How has first year even finished? The second year of university is when assignments count towards your final degree classification, which is terrifying! Even more strange then that, seeing freshers around campus and in the flat I once classed as my second home. Chapter 2 of university, I am sure you will keep me busy!
The biggest change about second year is moving out of halls. You loose the conveniency of rolling out of bed for a 9am and being able to go back to your flat in between lectures, but you gain a house! Living in a house with your friends has it's perks, and means it just generally feels more homely when compared to the way halls are. When searching for a house, I unfortunately made the process a little more complicated! To get a house that has level access, a bedroom and bathroom/ shower on the ground floor and is suitable for my needs can be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Yet we managed to find a 5 bedroom house that everyone was happy with, after being…

Have the Paralympics changed disability attitudes?

Now I know this is a bold statement, but bare with! Disability attitudes are something that has progressed over time- and thankfully has improved in the grand scheme of things. However, could a single event be responsible for such a societal change? 
Scope released a campaign last month about this exact topic, and I was fortunate enough to go on BBC Breakfast and take part in an interview about it. Yet this wasn't a topic I had previously thought about. As you can imagine, I have thought about disability attitudes in a more broader sense, just never in relation to the Paralympics. New polling for Scope shows over three quarters (78%) of disabled people say the Paralympics improve attitudes and four in five (82%) say the Games change negative assumptions to disability. However, a closer look reveals the Paralympics have a limited impact on disabled people’s everyday lives – just one fifth (19%) think Britain is a better place to be disabled than four years ago after the huge success…