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Photography with a Visual Impairment

Photography allows you to capture things that you see, in the perspective that you see it. Whether this is landscapes, nature, portraits, fashion or sport; photography covers many bases and is something that I have always enjoyed. But how do you take photos if you have a visual impairment? I have been asked this a few time and the more I thought about it, the more I realise why I have recently got back into photography.
I always have liked taking pictures of people or of nature/ landscapes, if nothing else, it allows you to keep the memory of that time and means you can look back at things you have done with your family and friends. When I moved to university I made sure my camera came with me, it was a hobby that I wanted to continue- unfortunately it sat on my shelf and was rarely used. This was probably due to the whirlwind of first year, yet when I look back I did miss it- and surely first year wasn't that busy!

Another reason it didn't get used last year was because I tho…

When your mum becomes your PA...

In order for me to complete university away from home, and get to lectures in one piece- a PA (Personal Assistant) has been vital in me being able to be as independent as possible. I have actually enjoyed the process of hiring PA’s despite it being a little stressful to find one in time. Yet, when looking for a PA, it had to be someone who could drive as well as being capable to suit all of my needs. By having a car it would mean that I could get to hospital appointments easily. However, when advertising it was often extremely hard to find someone who was fairly young (not that this is essential!), was capable of the job, could drive and was okay being with people aged 19- 21 all of the time. After 30+ applications it became clear this was all quite a big ask! 
Who knows my full medical history? Who would have experience in Cerebral Palsy, seizures and visual impairment? Who can drive and wouldn’t mind being with young adults all day? Who would actually quite enjoy lectures? 
There is a…