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Book Review- Letters To Louis

"I've never quite known where to begin when someone asks me what I've been up to. I've never quite known how to explain what your daily life is like. I wanted to write about it in order to give others a greater understanding of disability and caring. And I wanted to be totally honest, I wanted to write something that would make people consider being Louis's friend.
So this is me introducing you: Louis, this is your story. Readers, this is my son."- Alison White
It is always exciting when disability is represented in books, as this is not something that happens everyday. It is even more exciting to me personally when the book features Cerebral Palsy. So let me introduce you to 'Letter To Louis'. A beautifully written book which is honest and so heartfelt- while raising awareness at the same time. Written in such a way that make you feel like you've got for coffee with Alison and she is just telling you a story.
The book is broken up to chapters depe…

Let's talk about disability

I am no stranger when it comes to talking about disability. It is actually something I am quite happy to talk about, whether this is in a blog post or in person. However, Scope have found that two thirds of people feel awkward around disability, and I believe this needs to change.

Disability is not something that should be feared by others and Scope's Role Model scheme has set out to challenge this notion.

The aim of Scope Role Model's is to end the awkward before it begins by delivering workshops to secondary school students (primarily in Year 8) and just letting them as questions in an open and safe environment. I understand that people may not ask questions about disability because they are worried about saying the wrong thing- or even offending that person. As a result, it has led to a stigma around disability and could even be described as a taboo topic. After delivering one of these sessions myself I have fallen in love with it even more! The hour session is a combination…