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Going on holiday with Cerebral Palsy

After finishing my second year of university I couldn't wait to go on holiday. With my health improving it meant I could get travel insurance a lot easier and therefore wasn't going to miss this opportunity. I was fortunate enough to go to Spain with my family and then go to Portugal with my best friend. However, going on holiday with Cerebral Palsy can be a little different, but that should deter you from going away.

Before the holiday
How we all wish we could spontaneously jump on a plane, fly to somewhere warm and be on holiday, but some level of planning beforehand is vital. Like I have just mentioned, travel insurance was a lot easier to get this year compared to the past. Unfortunately, being hospitalised more than once in a period of 12 months can be extremely problematic when you want to leave the country! I would still recommend looking at comparative sites to ensure you get the best deal and that they are fully aware of your medical needs. Next on the planning list wa…

Work placement with RNIB

Part of my university degree is to complete a six-week placement at the end of your second year. With my degree being in psychology and child development, it will come as no surprise that most of the cohort end up in schools or nurseries. However, after thinking about the career I would like after university, and looking at the experience I already had, I felt something a little different would be more appropriate. 
This is where RNIB came in. The charity support blind and partially sighted people in many ways and I had worked on campaigns with them in the past. I felt doing a placement with RNIB would allow me to be on the other side of the charity, as well as support others in a more journalism kind of way. By doing so it would mean I would be moving slightly away from psychology, moving away from children and just get more experience in that field in general. After being in touch it was decided I would work two weeks in each role: connect, fundraising and campaigns.

For the most part…