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Cane Adventures: 12 months later

It seems very odd to say that I have had my cane for a year, because it really doesn't feel like that long. Initially, I had intended to wait until October to write this post due to not really using my cane until then. However, I guess not using it, and the reasons behind that, are all part of the journey that I have been on. Also, it is the 150th anniversary for RNIB and I felt this post could work alongside the stories they have been publishing and follow that theme.
I had briefly known about getting a cane before I was first introduced to one, but even then it seemed unexpected and unneeded. It was first mentioned by an ECLO (Eye Clinic Liaison Officer) after I described the things that had changed as my vision deteriorated and the things that were starting to be problematic. However, holding one made it seem all so real. No more hiding a visual impairment behind glasses. I have say, it was slightly heavier then I first anticipated and getting the hang of it took a while. It ta…

To pace or not to pace, the art of getting through life with chronic pain

When you have a disability or chronic illness it can be vital to pace yourself so that you get through the week in one piece. However, I’m currently on the train to London and about to speak at a conference. So, you could say I am falling at the first hurdle!
When I was about 15 years old I started to get involved with more health specialists like occupational therapists and pain management teams. They all loved the word ‘pacing’. Long before this word was introduced to me I had already been pacing myself to some extent. In a nutshell it’s about not over doing it. If you have a busy Tuesday, then be sure to have a relaxing Wednesday to recover from the adventure. For the most part I follow these guidelines and have become pretty good at planning things that are a little spaced out. 
But life doesn’t always follow this rule.
What if loads of exciting things come up at once, or I have two day trips in a row? Sometimes I would be sensible and choose which one I wanted to do most, sometimes …